October 11, 2019


Whether for practical purposes or good old nostalgia, we love getting our hands on pens, pencils, notebooks and all types of beautiful surfaces—we want it all, and we want it now.

But where to go for our beloved stationery supplies? Being crazy about design and creativity in Pakistan, we are here with, best online store to satisfy stationery addicts everywhere in Pakistan and if this doesn’t satisfy your stationery cravings, contact us to get more crazy items. is a creative online stationery Shop that has spent the past approximately 40 years in Paper Market, we are the sole distributor of April Mills in Pakistan working as the name “Atique Traders”. From those same Service and efforts comes katib. Katib is a considered collection of Office holds, accessories, stationery and curios beautifully packaged with simplicity, quality and functionality running through their core. Based at their store in Karachi, Pakistan, they champion product from local stationers and alongside sourcing brands from around the world like Deli, Dollar, Opal, Fuji etc to create a curated selection for those with an eye for design. And they also have an online shop, worthy of your attention.

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